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We help you be seen where it matters most

Combining the right product, people and message in key health and wellness hotspots will supercharge your campaign and change lives – and that’s exactly what we do for our clients. We help you be seen where it matters most.

About us


Right place, right people

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Right place, right product


With primary care surgeries under increasing pressure, our leaflet sites are a well-known and trusted point of support for patients and staff. Using wall mounted racks, we distribute clients leaflets in 2,500 GP surgeries and 700 hospital departments across the UK.


With the NHS under increasing pressure, our posterboards act as important secondary points of support for patients and staff. Refreshed on a quarterly basis, they are available in 2,000 GP surgeries and 700 hospital departments across the UK.

Education Packs

Education packs are a great way to education, convert and recruit powerful endorsers. Our team of field merchandisers will hand deliver packs with your latest research findings, patient tools and samples directly to thousands of healthcare professionals and pharmacists within our primary and secondary healthcare networks.

Digital screens

Our digital screens are installed in 150 NHS waiting rooms and receptions. Each unit is a unique combination of a screen with touch free dispenser, encouraging additional, up-close engagement opportunities with millions of patients a month.

About Health

Curated for local or volunteer run charities and new to market brands who wish to position their product or service as a direct solution for common health conditions found in primary care.