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Number of sites


Lead time

1 month

Average footfall (per month)

8 million outpatients

Available products

Posters, Leaflets, Education Packs


There is an abundance of opportunity to engage with patients through hospital point-of-care advertising. With almost 8 million people attending outpatient appointments a month in the UK, advertising in a hospital environment ensures your products and/or services are positioned in a place with long dwell time and busy foot traffic.

From oncology and gastroenterology to obstetrics and gynaecology units, utilising our experienced team of field merchandisers to distribute your material within varied departments ensures your content receives the undivided attention of a highly targeted audience – decreasing wasted ad spend and ensuring a higher proportion of conversions.

From printed leaflets providing detailed guidance through to posters signposting suitable products and timely health awareness campaigns, we provide you with the right product and environment to build trust and engagement with your target audience when they need it the most.

Audience type

Common health needs

From cancer patients and families requiring acute support services to new mothers looking for reccomendations for products to help them navigate parenthood - every department offers a patient on a different pathway with unique needs

Carers and families

It's not just patients visiting hospital, for every outpatient and inpatient there are also carers, family and friends. Those people spending time in hospital tend to be from the local area, making them a prime target for businesses trying to build a local presence

Healthcare Professionals

There are fourteen allied health professions in secondary care, all of whom could become reliable ambassadors for your product or service and who also have needs as a consumer