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About Health

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About Health is a comprehensive range of topic led health and wellness leaflets, containing guidance and advice on myriad physical and mental health issues.

Distributed in 2,500 GP waiting rooms nationwide, About Health has been curated for those who wish to position their product or service as a direct solution for common conditions found in primary care.

From peri-menopause to vitamin D deficiencies, our copywriters carefully selects topics based on feedback from patients and healthcare professionals, NHS/ONS statistics as well as seasonally relevant trends.


Trusted format – our leaflets have been in GP surgeries for over 30 years so are familiar to and well used by millions of patients

Cost effective – no additional copywriting, design or printing fees required. Just choose your topic and send us your pre-approved ad. Our team will do the rest.

Enhanced credibility - 72% of patients trust information found in their GP surgery which is invaluable for lesser known brands who need to build credibility and trust.





Lead time

1 month