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Who are we?

We are fiercely passionate about the right of good health + wellbeing for all.

IDS is home to a team of talented individuals who are fiercely passionate about supporting strategic OOH campaigns which change behaviours and improve lives. It’s our belief that everyone should have the chance for good health + wellbeing, and it’s this value that’s at the heart of everything we do.

A white woman with curly ginger hair wearing a stripey red and white top speaks with others around a desk, laughing and smiling

What do we do?

We will help you be seen where it matters most.

Our team have a wealth of experience working with local, national and global health and wellness organisations, so over the years we’ve seen it all. Combining the right product, people and message in key health and wellness hotspots will supercharge your campaign and change lives. Using our distinct, market leading networks, we strive to offer clients a solution which fits their brief, reaches the right audience and makes a budget work hard.

A white man wearing a cap and plaid shirt sits at a desk with other people, he is shrugging, has his back to the camera and has a laptop

Our values

These are at the heart of everything we do


We believe in the fundamental right to good health + wellbeing for all


We are committed to being being open, ethical, and fair


We show respect for all and treat people with dignity and professionalism


What we do, we strive to do to the best of our ability

Meet the team

We might be small, but we are mighty!

Edward Pickering

Board Director

Dean Gahagan

Joint Managing Director

Neil Pullman

Joint Managing Director

Judy Landell

Head of Specialist Partnerships

Harriet Bush

Head of Marketing + Communications

Chanel Dayrit

Sales Executive

Matthew Ayers

Operations Executive

Carly Pettie

Finance Assistant