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With primary care surgeries under increasing pressure, IDS leaflet racks are an important secondary point of support for patients and staff.

Using wall mounted racks, we distribute client's leaflets in 3,000 GP surgeries and 700 hospital departments across the UK.

Positioning your product or service within a health and wellness leaflet will allow you to engage with your audience on a personal level and get your brand straight into the hands and homes of health-conscious consumers. That’s why our prominently displayed, accessible educational resources play such a crucial role in promoting healthy lifestyles.


Leaflets remain a very powerful format.

Advertisers can include complex information and imagery in one design, allowing for comprehensive storytelling capable of educating your target audience on multiple facets of your product or service.

In addition, information leaflets targeting patients immediately gives them the opportunity to participate in their own care – making them an incredibly valued tool within a primary and secondary care setting.

Due to their take-home format, leaflets are also frequently picked up and passed on to friends or family, giving your message an extended lifetime, reach and impact. As an opt-in product, consumers are able to self-select the right leaflet for their specific need, meaning they are far more likely to convert.

Key Stats


primary care sites nationwide


secondary care sites nationwide

8 million +

monthly impressions