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Prominently displayed and located in busy GP waiting rooms across the country, this is the UK’s largest Out of Home network of its kind, reaching millions of patients every week.

With primary care surgeries under increasing pressure, our leaflet networks are an trusted point of support for patients and staff. This provides a platform for brands and organisations to reach their audiences through brand-building campaigns and targeted activations at the moments that matter on a local, regional and national scale.

Using traditional advertising will get you straight into the hands and homes of consumers who are actively seeking support, guidance and information on a range of health, wellness and welfare issues.


Include complex information and imagery in one design, allowing for comprehensive storytelling capable of educating your target audience on multiple facets of your product or service.

Targeting patients in a healthcare environment aligns your product or service alongside a highly valued and trusted establishment, the National Health Service. This is contextual advertising at its best.

Their take-home format means leaflets are frequently picked up and passed on to friends or family, giving your message an extended lifetime, reach and impact.

Key Stats


GP surgeries

30 slots

available per site


circ (based on 50 per site)