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GP Surgeries

All Environments

Number of sites


Lead time

1 month

Average footfall (per month)

8 million patients / 25,000 healthcare professionals

Available products

Digital screens, sampling, posters, leaflets


Our primary care network provides a unique space where products and services can reach patients and healthcare professionals at the point of need.

Using prominently displayed leaflets, posters, digital screens and sampling in the form of hand delivered healthcare packs, we can help you play a crucial role in supporting the NHS by promoting healthy lifestyles, preventing disease, and supporting patients along their health + wellness journey.

Using the right product to fit your brief and audience, we will deliver your message to up to 50% of the UK’s population in a healthcare setting via the largest network of its kind in the UK.

Audience type

Parents with young children

The average parent visits a GP surgery between seven to ten times in their child’s first year alone for immunisations, illness and developmental concerns

Mental Health patients

Ranging from anxiety from financial worries to PTSD, four in ten face to face GP appointments are now for mental health related problems


A group of patients in much need of support with multiple health co-morbidities such as dementia, mobility issues, arthritis, heart problems and diabetes - often with additional care needs