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GP Surgeries

With over 26 million face to face appointments per month (NHS digital 2023), GP surgeries remain a key health and wellness hotspot for parents with children, the elderly, and members of the public with chronic illnesses such as joint pain, cardiovascular disease or poor mental health. These patients are actively seeking help, and you could be there to be the support or solution they need.

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Community pharmacies are well used and trusted health and wellness destinations for vast swathes of the UK population, particularly for those with common illnesses such as cold + flu or eczema. Our pharmacy network will provide you with a truly impactful POS and/or brand awareness opportunity.

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There are almost 8 million people attending outpatient appointments per month in UK hospitals, not to mention the carers, family and friends accompanying them. That’s one busy environment, full of healthcare professionals and people actively seeking or being treated for a physical or mental health issue. Be seen here and be part of that journey.

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