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Number of sites


Lead time

1 month

Average footfall (per month)

3 million

Available products

Pharmacy Bags, Education Packs


With 80% of us living within a 20-minute walk of a pharmacy and a quarter of a million people visiting every week, it’s clear these primary care environments are well used and trusted health and wellness destinations for vast swathes of the UK population.

Footfall is set to grow exponentially due to a recently launched Pharmacy First service which formalised pharmacist’s ability to treat the public for common illnesses without the need to see a GP.

Moreover, alongside the essential services all pharmacies must provide (such as the provision of medication) a focus on self-care and promotion of healthy lifestyles is increasing.

These moves mean that pharmacies will become even more crucial retail spaces and advice centres for health and wellness needs.

So, whether your goal is driving awareness of a health issue, supporting sales of products or even providing clinical advice, our pharmacy network will provide you with a truly impactful POS and/or brand awareness opportunity.

Whilst members of the public with poor health are more likely to visit, a wide range of ages and social classes visit pharmacies each month.

Audience type

Top reasons to visit include;

Obtaining prescription medicine

The No.1 reason for visiting a pharmacy and more likely to be done by women, older people, those in low income families, those with a perceived vascular risk and those who do not take physical exercise.

Treatment and advice on common conditions

Consumers looking for advice on and products to treat seven common conditions: sinusitis, sore throat, earache, infected insect bite, impetigo (a bacterial skin infection), shingles, UTIs.

Purchase of OTC medicines

Women, younger people and those in the managerial/professional social class group are more likely to purchase an OTC medicine from their community pharmacy than others.