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GSK – Shingrex

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Manufacturers of Shingrex (a vaccine used in adults 50 yrs+ to protect against shingles (herpes zoster), GSK (formally GlaxoSmithKline) have worked with IDS for many years. Their latest campaign was live for Shingles Awareness Week, and aimed to raise awareness of the virus and address the lack of knowledge about the risks and severity of symptoms. 


Based on the insight that the target audience of adults 50+ were frequent attenders across all sites, we ran posters and leaflets across our national network of almost 2,500 sites. Both formats encouraged patients to raise concerns with their healthcare professionals, with a clear CTA on the poster and more detailed education in the leaflet situated in the waiting room. 


“IDS is one of our go-to media owners for helping to raise public awareness. We were very happy with the results from our latest campaign. They have an impressive knowledge of primary care and the audiences within which means they work collaboratively with us to help us reach our goals and we always feel in safe hands.”


“IDS are a pleasure to work with and we have developed a great relationship with them through the years thanks to our clients that utilise the point-of-care space. They are always at hand for any queries we have and adequately accommodate us across all situations”

Liam Dunne, Publicis Media (incumbent agency)