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The Gender Pain Gap

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Nurofen launched the Pain Pass, an easy-to-use tool that empowers people to have more effective conversations with their healthcare help women get diagnosed and treated sooner.


The team at Nurofen devised a ‘Pain Pass’ which featuredĀ a calendar for tracking pain, a burning-gnawing-throbbing vocabulary to articulate what they feel, and a scale for indicating how pain disrupts their life. It also outlines a strategy to use when facing gender bias, aided by the acronym PASS: Pause the conversation, Ask for clarity, Speak Up, Seek another opinion.

In order to ensure this Pain Pass (folded down to credit card size) was available to all patients at the point of need, the brand employed the full force of our national network of leaflet racks. This meant millions of patients had access to the tool before entering a F2F consultation with a healthcare professional.

Nurofen also used our poster network in 2,000 sites which also raised further awareness of the PASS acronym as well as signpost patients to the tool.