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Extra Pressure On GPs Due To ‘Daily’ Medicine Shortages

10 May 2024

Ongoing medicines shortages are causing extra workload including for GPs who are having to provide advice about alternatives, claims a report by Community Pharmacy England.

In addition to patient frustration and extra workload for staff, the survey also highlighted the regular need for discussion or communication with GP practices about alternatives. One pharmacist responding to the survey gave the example of a patient prescribed a different brand of epilepsy medication due to their usual drug being out of stock but that was then ‘ineffective in controlling their epilepsy’.

James Davies, the Royal Pharmaceutical Society’s director for England, said: ‘Medicines shortages are disrupting treatment for some patients and destabilising their health. He called on drug manufacturers, wholesalers and suppliers to collaborate more closely with ministers and the NHS ‘to ensure a more stable supply of medicines’.

For information on how you or your client could improve communications with GP practices and staff about alternative medicines, check out our HCP education pack service