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Vaping Cessation Campaign

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There are currently 4.3 million vapers in Great Britain and in a UK survey, 31% wanted to quit completely. In order to drive awareness of a product designed to support those who wish to quit or reduce nicotine vaping, Nicorette’s QuickMist Mouthspray, Kenvue launched a campaign targeting active smokers and vapers.


There are growing health and environmental concerns over e-cigarette use, with many turning to their GP’s for advice on how to quit.

By using a mix of A2 posters and DL leaflets in 1,150 GP surgeries around the UK, from April 2023 to July 2023, Nicorette leveraged our primary care network to reach vapers who are either actively seeking solutions to help them cut down or quit vaping.


IRI research showed 

Strong sales uplift (+12% over and above controls) seen for Nicorette QuickMist driven by the GP activity. Halo impact is seen across the Nicorette range as a whole. 

Steal is seen from the main Own Label, Nicotinell and Niquitin competitor brands, whilst the activity still drives overall category growth 

Over 3x ROI is delivered by the campaign. This is well above benchmark for ATL media, as well as in-store shopper marketing