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Top tips: How to make your ad stand out on a digital kiosk

06 Jan 2022

Digital Signage Solutions have come a long way in the last few years and they are now being used by a whole range of industries to optimise customer experience. Dwell time is high with these types of digital kiosks because their advanced capability means they are now able to offer a plethora of activities to keep users engaged from dispensing hand sanitiser, mouthwash and sunscreen to helping us order our fast food. If you are looking to reach your audience via a digital kiosk, but question how to make your ad stand out, we’ve put together some top tips to help you.

Consider your audience

Ads that will appear to teenagers are of course going to be different to those that appeal to those over 50. Generation Z for example responds well to cost-reduction ads, genuine reviews, and sponsorships by influencers they look up to. Baby boomers, however, respond well to inclusivity as they feel that many ads ignore them or treat them in a patronising or stereotypical way.  Sport England did this really well with its: ‘This Girl Can’ adverts. These adverts showed women of all shapes, ages and sizes exercising, encouraging more women to take up exercising across all age brackets. You may well have existing creative that works on traditional OOH platforms but are unsure how to to adapt it for new audiences depending on the network they are in such as gyms or NHS waiting rooms. We can take your creative concept and help you tweak it into a variety of iterations so that it’s cost effective and doesn’t need creating from scratch.

Text size is important (!)

Use concise, readable and large font text. Digital kiosks weren’t designed to offload reams of information, but to offer something that is enough to entice customers into engaging with the kiosk. Questions work well at attracting attention, as do numbers, statistics and quirky straplines. With reams of interesting information to impart, many of our clients can’t figure out which bits to include. That’s why we have a team of in-house copywriters who will work with you to make sure your ads hit the mark.

Pictures are worth a thousand words 

Good use of photography can tie a whole advertising concept together and the right photo can make an audience feel the emotions of excitement, trust, romance, freedom or fear… Images are critical to an adverts success as we’re wired to notice, remember, learn from, and respond emotionally to visuals. Consumers are significantly more likely to think favorably of ads that emphasize photography, over ads that emphasize text. Video can also be powerful. Organic engagement on video is higher than any other type of media, and according to a Hubspot study 90% of customers report that product videos help them make purchasing decisions. Essentially video is changing the way people shop and make purchasing decisions.

There is no doubt that digital kiosks are a great medium for ads in 2020 and beyond. The beauty of digital is its urgency. Unlike posters, advertising on digital kiosks can be chopped and changed to suit different audiences, at different times of the day in different areas. For those advertisers looking to attract customers digitally, clearly communicating your product or message and using rich media will help engage your audience.

If you need help with content management and consultation our hugely talented team of account managers, copywriters and designers are on hand to guide you through our processes and ensure each piece of content is perfectly suited to the environment and audience it’s intended to reach. We also provide a sophisticated content management system, giving you the ability to upload fresh new content to the digital signage display in real-time.

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Harriet Bush Harriet's main passion is challenging health inequities and ensuring patient information empowers patients at the point-of-need. She's an active member of the Patient Information (PIF) community and, prior to her tenure at IDS, was a seasoned comms pro working client side with health and wellness brands.