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Increase in Gym Footfall Post-Covid: What Does This Mean For Advertising?

28 Oct 22

By Hattie


During the pandemic it’s been drilled into us that being fit and healthy, statistically, means a better chance of tackling coronavirus. It’s opened our eyes to the dangers we could face for being unfit and that’s reflected in the increase in gym footfall.

Since reopening, data is positive and member retention is good, with over 90% of members retained for our partners Pure Gym, GLL and Anytime Fitness. What’s more, 88% of respondents in a recent study said they intend to use the gym the same or more post-pandemic. The focus on fitness during the pandemic has also led to 35% of non-gym-members deciding to join a gym after lockdown ended.

Why is now the best time to advertise in gyms?

The benefits of the gym aren’t just physical, exercising boosts your mood, reduces stress and is good for self-esteem. As an advertiser, this is good news! A MAGNA, IPG Media Lab & Pandora media trial showed 35% of participants were more receptive to ads when in an excited, relaxed, focussed or happy mood. This is backed up by another study which showed digital advertising is 40% more effective when reaching customers who feel upbeat.

Taking advantage of an increase in gym footfall

A busy gym filled with positive, motivated gym members sounds like a great place to advertise your health product, doesn’t it? With an increase in footfall across our network of 647 gyms (and new members joining), we can help maximise your campaign by advertising to your target market. Engaging your audience whilst in the mindset of bettering themselves means they’re more responsive to promoted health messages. Social media posts and user-generated content are compatible with our Messenger screens, which means existing campaigns can be advertised as soon as possible.

Proven results in gym advertising

A recent campaign from Nutri Within featured on the majority of our gym Messenger screens, exposing their products to 2,128,500 unique gym members in just 3 months. With access to 96.9%* of 1.1 million members in our Pure Gym network alone, we’re the perfect partner to boost your ad campaigns.

*Based on having Messenger units in 252 of 260 Pure Gyms across the UK.

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