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How To Improve Patient Wellness and Health

15 Dec 22

By Hattie


Positioning brands in the context of current trends and concerns is a great way of demonstrating why your product is relevant to your target audience and why they should be buying it. IDS Media UK’s Head of Specialist Partnerships, Judy Landell, takes us through some of those trending right now to improve patient wellness and health.

Go with your gut

Scientists are ever more hopeful that a better understanding of the human microbiome can lead to improved public health. This is because the gut is composed of microbes which affect your physiology and keep your body and brain functioning as they should, including the way you store fat and how you balance levels of glucose in your blood. Some scientists have even found that gut bacteria produce neurotransmitters that could regulate your mood. As such, the wrong internal mix can set the stage for physical and mental health issues later in life. As a result research on gut health is growing and products, from fermented food to probiotics, are on the rise.

Does your product or service have touch points with the above? If so, it’s definitely worth shouting about.

Home is where health is

As we know, consumers have increasingly busy lives and the strain on our wallet continues with rising inflation and living costs. The age of ‘loads of money’ is officially over and we no longer have the time to regularly indulge in exercise classes after work if we have a growing family to feed and care for. This is why many are looking back home for cost effective sources of fitness and nutrition. From live streamed exercise classes to meal delivery services, companies catering to this need are popping up everywhere.

Perhaps you can cut down on meal preparation time but still provide consumers with fresh produce for cooking? Maybe your product is a simple solution for better skin as an alternative to expensive and time-consuming spa treatments? If you’re able to further facilitate a healthy lifestyle from home, then make sure your customers know it. It’s a key selling point in this crazy, fast paced world we now live in.

Why health and wellness is even more important as we get older…

Wellness is especially important as we age because regular exercise and proper nutrition can help prevent a variety of ailments including cardiovascular disease, obesity, and fall risk behaviours. Additionally, the need for vitamins and minerals increases after age 50, so it’s important to have a healthy diet.

Functionality is key

Unsurprisingly, shoppers like to feel that what they’re consuming is flooding their body full of goodness. However now they also want to understand what ingredients are responsible and what they are doing. Cheese, for example, is a well-known source of calcium, but it is also a natural source of protein. Increasingly we are seeing dairy brands shouting about myriad key messages to appeal to the widest group possible and ensure they are fully informed on dairy’s multiple health benefits.

This ever-growing preference for functionality is now cemented as a lifestyle choice meaning it’s more important than ever for marketers to explain and extract all the benefits of their products. Consumers are savvy, so don’t dumb down your product.

Do you need help repositioning your health and wellness products? Here at IDS Media UK we have a team of dedicated copywriters and account managers who will work with you to devise best in class, direct to patient marketing campaigns. If you’d like to discuss anything about your next campaign, enhancing a current one, or any of the tips above, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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