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HFSS: How Can We Advertise Food Products Now?

07 Oct 2022

Brands such as KIND, Clif & Eat Natural have worked hard on crafting a product with health at the heart but they’re now being impacted by the broad strokes created by the HFSS ban, due to come into force early 2022.

For example, due to its reliance on nuts, KIND bars have a comparatively high salt & fat content. However, it’s a product that claims to aid digestion, lower the risk of heart disease, boost metabolism & supports bone health.

What is HFSS legislation?

Retailers that sell food and drink under the ‘high in fat, sugar and salt’ (HFSS) category soon will have additional restrictions around the sale and promotion of these products like:

  • Ending promotions on HFSS by volume, such as ‘buy one get one free’

  • Restrict the promotion of HFSS in store entrances, aisle ends and checks

  • HFSS advertising online will be prohibited on landing or entry pages of retailer’s websites and in the shopping basket or payment area.

  • An introduction of a 9pm watershed on TV for HFSS food advertisements

What do we think about the HFSS legislation?

As such, many would argue the HFSS ruling overlooks the wider health benefits certain ingredients bring, and instead applies a crude calculation which unfairly impacts many products designed to support consumers looking to improve their health.

“We support the restriction of genuinely unhealthy products; we should be encouraging children to eat a balanced diet and develop a good relationship with food. 1 in 3 children leave primary school overweight or obese so it’s clear something has to change. We want to work with brands that support the wellness of the UK.” – Adam Taylor, Managing Director

Does your product have a health message, but you’re faced with being blocked from TV or online advertising?

Moving ad spend to post-watershed means a predicted loss of £96 million in sales. So why advertise to a broad audience on TV when you could advertise in gyms to health-focussed individuals with no time restrictions?

  • Our Messenger units:

  • Are in a network of over 650 gyms nationwide

  • Feature a 22-inch digital screen that plays silent adverts in 10-second loops with a built-in, contactless hand sanitiser dispenser

  • Are compatible with social media posts and user-generated content

  • Have a 200% longer dwell time than standard DOOH advertising

  • Are 2.5 times more impactful than static OOH advertising

Everyone in the gym has a fitness goal, whether that’s to survive 30 minutes on the treadmill or to hit a new personal best. Advertising your product in a venue where everyone is actively engaging with the ideas shown makes them more receptive to health and wellness messaging.

If you want to discuss the ways we can help you reach your audience without TV advertising, please give us a call on 01489 860000.