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We work with over 50 regional field merchandisers who will take your sample and/or information pack directly to millions of gym-goers, patients healthcare professionals and personal trainers nationwide.

In our primary and secondary care networks, our team will ensure you connect with hard-to-reach healthcare professionals, all of whom could become reliable ambassadors for your product or service and who also have needs as a consumer too.

When it comes to gyms + health clubs we also offer a variety of sampling options to connect with personal trainers and gym-goers, from locker drops and reception dump bins through to fully staffed sampling pods.

Ultimately, we work with you, and your budget, to help get your product into the hands of people most likely to matter and therefore most likely to convert.


Distributing tactile marketing materials directly has tremendous power to boost brand awareness and communicate the value of your product and/or service.

At IDS we have a unique marketing campaign powerhouse at your disposal. With the use of fully briefed field merchandisers and account managers, we will ensure your product is received by the intended user and not lost in piles of post. Combine sampling with advertising on one of our printed or digital formats and add even more punch to your OOH campaign as your ideal consumer can witness its value in real life.

This is the perfect vehicle to forge new bonds with your highest value audience and create a new group of endorsers and supporters.

Key Stats


primary care sites nationwide


gyms + health clubs

10 million

consumers (depending on scope)