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Gyms + Health Clubs

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Number of sites


Lead time

1 week

Average footfall (per month)

2.2 million

Available products

Digital screens, sampling, posters, vinyls


Our gyms + health clubs act as social hubs for the local community, not just a place to lift weights and break a sweat on the treadmill.

With swimming pools, soft play, yoga studios and office gyms being just a select few services on offer at over 650 leading health and fitness clubs, the audiences available here are hugely varied. From parents with children attending a swim class, affluent urbanites at the latest HIIT class to 50+ male and females seeking to improve their overall fitness – one thing that unites a gym goer is they are primed for health and wellness messaging.

This captivated audience visits our partner locations 2.8 times a week and has an average dwell time of 60 minutes per session and we can help we can help target your brand towards a specific profile or demographics on both group, regional and national levels.

Audience type

Local families

With visits centred around lesiure as well as fitness, families have a broad range of interests from local services to holidays.

Single professionals

Often in urban locations and aged 18-25, this group are eager to consume products or services that support their active lifestyle

Older adults

A significant portion of gym attendees are now +50, with many looking to treat or prevent physical and mental health deterioration through exercise

Our partners


GLL (under the consumer facing brand Better ) is the largest UK-based charitable social enterprise with 258 public Sports and Leisure facilities, 88 libraries, 10 children’s centres and 5 adventure playgrounds. Better leisure facilities enjoy 46 million visitors a year and have more than 650,000 members.

Anytime Fitness

Anytime Fitness, known for its zero contract 24/7 gyms has over 185 locations across the UK offering 24-hour access, state-of-the art equipment, private changing rooms, personal training and group fitness classes in safe, clean and welcoming surroundings.


Known for its zero contract 24/7 gyms, the PureGym Group is one of the largest gym and fitness operators in Europe and provides high quality, low cost, flexible physical fitness facilities. The Group has approximately 1.6 million members across over 500 gyms and holds market leading positions across the UK, Denmark and Switzerland operating under the PureGym, Fitness World and Basefit brands respectively.

More Yoga

With 35 London locations to choose from, and over 1000+ classes a week - MoreYoga is London’s most affordable yoga on your doorstep. Dedicated to diversity and inclusivity, MoreYoga welcomes everyone to our spaces to discover the positive impact yoga will have on your life - both physically and mentally.


Managing over 30 Local Authority venues nationwide covering leisure centres, swimming pools, golf courses, and theatres, 1Life service around 10 million customer visits per year.

Living Well

LivingWell Health Clubs are located throughout the UK and Europe. With classes, swimming pools and gyms their unmanned gyms offer a flexible way to work out at a noticeably slimmed-down price. With a choice of great value, no contract membership or pay-as-you-go workouts, these clubs offer an easy approach to keeping fit and feeling fantastic.