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Intelligent Analysis from IDS Helps you Target Appropriate Audiences

We have a wealth of data on our surgery network that allows us to profile the relevant audiences. You can see more information about the overall footfall and registered audiences in the surgeries on our network page . There are a number of ways we can break down the data to generate a map of the most relevant surgeries or areas to target your content in for higher conversions. These can include:


Do you have a gender specific message that you want to get across? Or are you aware that a specific gender set is more receptive to your information over the other? If so then we can help you target placements that have a higher footfall of that gender and combine this with other targetable elements.


Whether it is medical condition that a certain ethnicity are more pre-disposed to, or a product / service that is ethnic specific – we can help you work out where the densities of that ethnicity are in combination with other factors.

Health Conditions

We are able to help you target areas with high-concentrations of specific conditions (or areas that have a high a likelihood of these conditions). We use the data from the Health and Social Care Information Centre in conjunction with our current surgery data.

Socio-Economic Group

A factor in some health conditions is a persons socio-economic status. Additionally, certain products & services might be more relevant to different economic groups. Using our data we can show you the geographical breakdown of these groups to help refine your target areas.


If your message is only relevant to a certain location then we can use our nationwide network and break it down into any geographic segement that you require. There are no set zones that we work to, ensuring the targeting for your message is highly tailored.

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