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No matter what your campaign or objectives, you will need some way of measuring the impact. Depending on your sector and campaign type, we can provide a number of different reports specifically for our print campaigns. These combine a series of qualitative and quantitative measures to offer a full-picture of the campaigns impact.

Qualitative reports for Print Campaigns

Market research

Next to each of our displays is an incentivised questionnaire that has been formulated specifically with to conduct market research on the audience for that surgery and the content in the display. These questionnaires capture customer data and request feedback in the form of Yes/No answers and graded responses based on the content that they have read, which is tailored based on the objectives of your campaign.

Surgery comments

Depending on the campaign requirements we can include feedback from HealthCare Professionals. This will be based on interviews with GPs, Nurses and Admin staff and will be anonymous. This is very suitable for symptom awareness campaigns and support service content (i.e. helplines) to see if the HCPs have noticed an upswing in patient awareness.

Behavioural change

If the campaign is focused on achieving a behavioural change, we can conduct patient surveys (only given to those who have selected the content) to see if this change has been made. We will then combine this with surgery comments and the other market research to show the campaigns impact.

Inform to influence – influence to change.

Quantitative reports for Print Campaigns

Engagement report

At the end of each campaign an engagement report will be provided that gives the count of exactly how many pieces of content were self selected and in what areas. This will be matched to the targeting initially done to help assess it’s efficacy.

In-situ report

When the content has been displayed throughout the selected surgery network an in-situ report is conducted with photographic evidence of placement. This will be sent digitally to your relevant teams and can be used internally or also as part of a wider campaign to highlight ‘where people can get information’.

EPOS sales analysis

This is for OTC campaigns. We can acquire IRI data of nearby pharmacies to measure the sales uplift during and after the campaign. This helps match a numeric ROI to the campaign for accurate reporting.

HCP reports for Print Campaigns

Engagement report

If you have conducted a HCP campaign we will be able to collect feedback and do surveys after the campaign content has been distributed – either directly through our field team or through our telesales team. We will also provide an immediate engagement report that highlights who has received the content and when.

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