Healthclubs, hotels and airports  attract millions of people everyday and the amount of germs in these areas is vast. According to independent research by Fitrated and widely publicised in the media, 76% of gym equipment is contaminated with infectious bacteria, including faecal bacteria. Airports and hotels also harbour lots of germs. Around 10 per cent of everything you touch in an airport is carrying a virus and one survey found approximately 81 percent of surfaces swabbed in a hotel room had at least some traces of faecal bacteria. One of the most important ways to stop the spread of germs and prevent illness in these settings is to encourage good hand hygiene.

Messenger digital hand sanitiser kiosks are ideally suited to healthclubs, leisure and travel settings and can be integrated into gyms, airports, hotels among other high traffic areas.

Health Clubs, Leisure and Travel

Re-invent air travel

An airport’s natural flow poses many opportunities to use Messenger. It can be used at both the entry to the airport terminal and check in desks through security all the way to buses between terminals. The digital screen can be used to encourage good hand hygiene.

Health Clubs, Leisure and Travel

Long lasting sanitiser

The SteriZar hand foamer solution used in our Messenger units is alcohol free and safe for children and those with sensitive skin as it contains zero irritants. SteriZar works within 30 seconds, kills 99.999% of bacteria and lasts on your hands for up to six hours.

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