Doctors surgeries and hospitals are breeding grounds for germs which can leave patients picking up all kinds of viruses during their visit. From refraining to pick up communal magazines to wearing a face mask in the waiting room, there are many ways to avoid the spread of germs in healthcare settings. The most effective way to stop the spread of bacteria is to encourage good hand hygiene.

Messenger digital hand sanitsing kiosks are installed across a range of UK healthcare settings and can be integrated into doctors surgeries, hospitals, dentists and even veterinary surgeries.


Health messages

Messenger’s digital screen is a great tool for sharing timely health messages. From the latest Government advice on the Coronavirus Pandemic to the benefits of sanitising your hands and how to do it effectively.


Strategic placing

Messenger can be strategically positioned in high traffic and high germ areas such as waiting rooms, close to lifts and escalators, in entrances and exits, in examination rooms and onsite pharmacies.


Long lasting sanitiser

The SteriZar hand foamer solution used in our Messenger kiosks is alcohol free and safe for children and people with sensitive skin. SteriZar works in 30 seconds, kills 99.999% of bacteria and lasts on your hands for up to six hours.

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