The Benefits of Advertising in Gyms

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Advertising in Gyms is a unique way to get in front of an active demographic that is interested in products and services that support their active lifestyle. It is a great way to make an impact and yields a far better return on your advertisement investment.

There are many benefits that come with advertising in gyms, including choosing to target a specific group, like health conscious individuals.

Ways to Advertise in Gyms

Digital advertising and hand sanitising kiosks are based in a nationwide network of Gyms, Leisure Centres and Health Clubs in prominent positions to capture longer dwell times.

This unique combination of hand hygiene with a digital screen ensures interaction and engagement between the screen advertising and your target audience. Advertising in Gyms on the digital sanitising units means your advert will be connecting with consumers who spend around 45 minutes per visit and on average 12 times per month. This will result in repetitive viewing of your product.

It is said that on average we are exposed to 1.74 adverts per minute a day in the UK, humans have become somewhat immune to advertisements and we can easily block them out if we wanted to. For your product or service to get the attention it deserves, be a shark among fish in the sea of advertising and consider the benefits of advertising in gyms.

Some Benefits of Advertising in Gyms


Communicate to over 1.3 million consumers with an active lifestyle in 700 high footfall Gyms, Leisure Centres and health Clubs. Every time somebody uses the sanitising station they will make direct eye contact with your advertisement.

Increased Engagement and Brand Awareness

On average it takes 10 to 30 seconds to sanitise hands correctly and so during this time period, the targeted audience are likely to be engaging with your advertisement. Increased levels of engagement from potential customers is incredibly important as more and more people will become familiar with your product. The strength of your brand will improve and this allows for your audience to easily recognise your brand on the shelves of stores or online, therefore leading to a more successful marketing campaign.

Benefits of Advertising in GymsAttracts Attention

Depending on the strategy and the characteristics of your final marketing campaign, any new advertisement that the audience has not seen before will automatically win their attention. Even more so if the advertisement holds an important message or is striking in appearance it will win the spotlight among many other advertisements that the average person observes daily.

Strategic Placement

It is known that there are certain areas in the gym that people tend to spend more time at than others, for example the water fountain. By strategically placing your sanitiser station by these areas that have longer dwell times ensures that people spend more time looking at your advertisement. It is commonly known that gym goers are more likely to engage with advertisements in areas of cardiovascular activity where there are bikes and treadmills compared to areas with free weights. This can be explained by the endorphins that are released during high intensity exercise, which trigger positive feelings in the brain therefore making the person more likely to make a positive connection with an advertisement.

Higher Content Recall

A highly researched finding is that exercise improves your memory recall and also that humans process visual data better than other types of data. So combining these two facts, it is a pretty good way of engaging and maintaining your customers. If they are remembering what they have seen and the name of your product, customers are more likely to speak about your product to their friends or family. Even if the colour of your product is all they remember, it is still likely that they will be able to describe what it looks like to somebody else. The overall communication of your product to the consumer will be more successful than the average advertisement you see in a newspaper or magazine.

Targeting the Right Audience

People who enter the gym all have one thing in common, their goal to achieve a healthy lifestyle. If your product is one that fulfills this goal or allows the gym goers to look good whilst doing so, there is no need to do market research in order to capture the right target audience. It is a strong certainty that the gym goers are your target market. Not only does this save time when it comes to your marketing campaign, it is also a considerably cost effective way achieve a successful advertisement.

Save yourself the time and money of searching high and low for the perfect place to advertise your product and consider advertising at the gym.

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