Messenger: Combining hand sanitising
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Why choose Messenger?

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Why Gyms Choose Messenger

The UK’s 9.9 million consumers go to the gym to burn calories, increase their strength and get fit – but if they are not careful, they may come home with more than they bargained for. According to independent research by Fitrated and widely publicized in the media 76% of gym equipment is contaminated with infectious bacterial including faecal bacteria. The huge number of gym members who touch gym equipment daily, is colossal, and so comes as no surprise that surfaces are less than spotless.

The hard facts are that gym users and staff risk spreading bacteria and increasing Gym Acquired Infections [G.A.I’s] .That in turn can lead to illnesses, possible compensation claims, and any negative PR that will effect membership numbers. This issue is not lost on gym owners and explains why Messenger, our digital signage solution, has proven instantly popular within the fitness industry and why gym members will use hand sanitiser dispensers and therefore engage with the digital screens.

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What is Messenger?

Messenger is the perfect digital signage solution. Messenger is a unique hand sanitiser unit with a built-in 21-inch digital screen that plays silent adverts in 10-second loops throughout the day. The digital screen is installed into 700 gyms, leisure centres, health clubs and studios across the UK. Below the screen, a contactless dispenser releases the perfect dose of Sterizar sanitiser liquid, killing 99.999% of bacteria and lasting for up to 6 hours on the user’s hands.


What are the benefits of using Messenger?

  • The Messenger allows you to communicate to over 1.3 million consumers with an active lifestyle in the 700 high footfall gyms, leisure centres, health clubs and studios in the UK.
  • It takes approximately 30 seconds to sanitise your hands correctly, this means that in that time, users will be engaging with your advertisement.
  • The Messenger is strategically placed to capture longer dwell times, for example, next to the water fountain in the gym.
  • As humans, we recall more visual data than any other form of data and so the users of Messenger are more likely to remember your advert.
  • The Messenger allows for all content to be high definition and static or video content.


At IDS Media UK, we have access to an extensive list of Gyms with over 1.6 million members combined, take a look at our gym network. Slim lining your marketing strategy to focus on people who you are sure to have an interest in healthcare communications helps to reduce costs and wastage.

Get in touch with us today if you have any questions or would like to start advertising with Messenger. Here at IDS Media UK, we want you to experience the benefits of advertising in gyms and leisure centres.

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