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In November 2018 IDS Media UK were tasked with addressing the fear many people have of signing up to be an organ donor, with a focus on targeting ethnic minorities.


Figures from NHS Blood and Transplant show that 21% of people who died on the waiting list in 2018 were from a black, Asian or ethnic minority background compared with 15% a decade ago.

Moreover, only 7% of donors last year were from black, Asian and ethnic minority backgrounds.

This is down, in part, to a large proportion of black and Asian donors feeling disassociated with current ATL marketing, much of which shows Caucasian faces, which is contributing towards poor sign up rates.


To counteract this decline, IDS Media UK’s 3-month long blood and organ donation campaign aimed to increase donation rates by raising awareness and breaking down barriers to donation within these communities by devising a range of posters and leaflets speaking to three communities.

The team used bespoke census mapping software to pinpoint 1,500 over indexed Asian sites and 500 over indexed Black ethnic origin sites to identify advertising in the right GP surgeries in areas of heavy ethnic minority backgrounds. They also worked alongside NHS Blood & Transplant’s creative team to devise three different sets of creatives depicting Caucasian ‘Sam’, Asian ‘Kaasni’ and finally, resonating with the afro-Caribbean communities, ‘Taniya’.


  • 150,000 leaflets distributed
  • 3,500 surgeries targeted
  • 30 million patients reached

After the end of the marketing campaign, NHS Blood & Transplant confirmed that new blood donations and organ donor card signs up increased significantly compared to the year before and as a result are running a new activity in 2,000 surgeries [BAME campaign only] from March 2019.

Paul Pitman, Sales Director at IDS Media UK said:

“We were privileged to be working with NHS Blood & Transplant and are delighted that this year more people than ever from black, Asian and minority ethnic backgrounds signed up to be on the donor register. By targeting the right groups and executing an evocative, visually led campaign we hope our work will be a driving force to save more lives.”

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