Why you should shop with Wiltshire Farm Foods Home Delivery Meals Service.

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We are delivering a healthy eating leaflet message for Wiltshire Farm Foods who in turn are delivering nutritious, healthy meals to the elderly that are unable to cook for themselves this is a life-changing service that allows the elderly to still love and enjoy food. They have been cooking and delivering tasty frozen meals for over 25 years! With over 300 tasty dishes to choose from you will be spoilt for choice.

Free home meal delivery service

We provide healthcare communications about Wiltshire Farm Food delivery service, as they deliver free to any address in mainland UK. They have over 80 local teams who provide free home delivery direct to your door. There is no delivery charge (minimum order may apply in some areas), and you will be given a choice of available delivery days when placing your order. There’s no contract and no commitment. If you are dissatisfied with your meal you will get your money back. How about that for customer satisfaction.

Quality Meal Prep

All of their ingredients are totally British, their peas are harvested and selected by experts, their ice cream comes from Marshfield Farm, only 15 miles away from where Wiltshire Farm Foods are prepared and their West Country Farmhouse Cheddar is made and matured on West Country farms using traditional methods and is aged for at least nine months. Even better all of their meals are completely; Artificial Flavour, Artificial Colour, HVOs (Hydrogenated Vegetable Oils) and GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) free.

Whether you are a warm hearty Aberdeen Angus cottage pie kind of person or more of a scampi and chips kind of person they have the right nutritious meal for you. All of Wiltshire farm meals are tasty frozen microwave meals, they are also oven friendly. They provide you with the quality and comfort of a home cooked meal without having to do all of the cooking, their roast potatoes have that ultimate home-cooked taste and flavour, they are cooked in sunflower oil to make them crispy and delicious. If you haven’t tried them yet, you really should! For those of you that have a sweet tooth their range of cold and warm desserts are mouthwateringly good, they even provide a range of sponge cakes to complement your afternoon tea.

Diet Meal Options

Wilshire Farm understands that people are put on all sorts of diets after just one visit from their GP surgery meaning they have to make a big change in their diet. This is why Wiltshire Farm Foods provide a range of meals and desserts to suit all dietary needs, their low sugar hot jam roly poly and custard is particularly good. Their meals are made even easier to see what ones are right for you, they used dietary symbols to help you see what meals are suitable for certain diets. 


Food Textures and Portions

For those of you who have difficulty swallowing and chewing food, they have created a wide range of nutritious soft and pureed food.  They have three categories to choose from, C – Puree meals D- Soft meals and E- Extra tender meals these are all shaped into main meals so they look as good as they taste. There are also three meal sizes to choose from as they understand you may not have the appetite that you used to.


How IDS Helps

We have been running the campaign for 2 years and is now running for another 12 months in 5,000 GP waiting rooms, raising awareness and increasing sales! Helping the elderly get good, nutritious meals to brighten up their day.

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